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Teaching Institution Partnership

Become a quality teaching support partner with KASH.

Your institute can become part of a teaching and learning revolution by partnering KASH in delivering UK University qualifications to your students.

A credible pathway to UK university qualifications at an affordable cost.

KASH offers you a package of online learning programmes and assessments which are fully validated by OFQUAL at Level 3,4, 5, 6 and 7, providing top up opportunities at UK universities at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Why partner with KASH Blended Learning Centre?

1. KASH use state of art reliable and user friendly online learning platform.

2. KASH is the UK awarding organisation’s (ATHE) recognised qualifications provider.

3. KASH provides highly competitive fees to centre amongst the industry.

4. KASH provides hassle free University academic progression.

5. KASH provides teacher led guidelines eliminating training cost of centre.

6. KASH provides assignment questions, mark the assignments, internal verify, and quality assure all documentation and resources. Hence, it eliminate majority indirect cost on quality assurance for centre. Directly it provides significant cost saving to the centre.


Email c1@kashonlinelearning.com for further details.

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